The CHIPTUNING is the electronic optimization of the injection parameters, and which can be achieved quickly and easily power gains and very important pair, especially in turbo engines, whether direct injection diesel or benzine indirect or direct injection.

The CHIPTUNING is possible because electronic fuel injection systems in all propellers, and electronic ignition in the case of gasoline engines, are governed by the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Basically the ECU, is nothing more than a small electronic computer where the original firmware of the vehicle, with which orders are given to the motor, depending on the various data input from sensors, CMP, CKP is housed, MAP, IAT, the revs at which the engine is rotating or the amount of air entering the intake, the unexpended pair, etc.

Improving the car with CHIPTUNING falls within the nonintrusive preparations known thus do not directly affect internal mechanical components and not opening the engine is required to be carried out. In fact, most of today's cars, to modify the program of the ECU through the diagnostic connector, which greatly facilitate the task.

In other cases, in the case of older vehicles, it may be necessary to remove the ECU CHIP, to reposition subsequently with optimized parameters already loaded, with which we get the power boost pursued.


If the new schedule maintains manufacturing tolerances, as we guarantee in RedCars Chile, despite the improvement in performance, it has no negative effect on our engine.

There are several options reschedulings which are divided into Stages.
STG 1: reprogramming is for an entirely original regarding the elements of the motor car.
STG 2: It reprogramming for cars with small improvements in engine components, such as a system of direct or admission CAI (Cold air intake), Multiple leaks unrestricted (no catalyst) and high-flow system.
STG 2+: Same as above but with silicone hoses, lightened flyers and methanol injection.
STG 3: It is when changes in engine components are more radical, for example, change of turbines (for a larger version), transformation of a car aspirated turbo, nitrous oxide installation, etc.

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